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Payload\Fotor_Publish.app\EIPhotoSDKResources.bundle\EIPhotoSDKEditorResources.bundle\20.font.photosdk.everimaging.com (Xóa file có thể khiến app mất một số chức năng)

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⭐ Fotor++ Hacked by tuandb

  • Mở khoá các tính năng trả phí (trừ phần Credits)

  • ⭐ Fotor AI Image Editor

    Fotor is a professional and easy-to-use photo editing and graphic design tool, helping amateur photographers and design enthusiasts bring their creations to life.

    Powerful features for photo editing, graphic design, photo collage, combined with professional photo effects, NFT art effects, creative design templates, and advanced design resources, enable you to perform photo-editing and graphic design, as well as easily share to Instagram or Facebook. Record highlights of your life with a beautiful creation.

    Easy to use, adjust the light and tone of the photo, make the photo clearer, enhance the photo with one click.

    Turn ordinary photos into NFT Artworks with just a few taps. Based on a special model algorithm and machine learning technique, it turn photos into works like those painted by Van Gogh, Monet, Picasso, other masters and also trendy NFT styles such as cryptopunk.

    In addition to the basic photo-editing tools, it offers more advanced photo-editing features, such as Curve, HSL, Color balance, Dahaze, Denoise, which meet all requirements.

    More than 100 professional photo effects and stylish filters, such as real analog film, retro, fresh, black and white, and more classical effects, suitable for various scenes with a variety of aesthetic styles.

    It freely supports photo composition, enabling cropping, rotating, and flipping. At the same time, it adjusts the photo perspective, such as distortion, and stretching, thus achieving more creativity.

    Various creative design templates with themes covering daily life, work, ads, business trade, and other occasions. You can also customize the design templates, adjust the text, etc. The templates are updated weekly.

    Stickers, frames, fonts, backgrounds, mosaic, stock photos, massive elements resources, to enhance your creation.

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