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  • ⭐ Focos Live

    Take cinematic videos same as iPhone 13 for all dual / triple / LiDAR camera iPhones and iPads.
    Focos Live offers master class video editing capability, amplified flexibility, and more functionality than any App that you may have tried before. With keyframe and adjustment layers for all options and easily navigable options for both beginners and experts.
    With the functionality of taking cinematic videos with wide aperture and bokeh effect for dual camera & triple camera iPhone, Focos Live is the next big thing when it comes to computational photography. With Focos Live, you can make limitless customization of any cinematic video that you create, and you can even change the aperture as many times as you wish.

    - Cinematic video-capable, with depth data on dual camera, triple camera, LiDAR and front Face ID camera.
    - Taking videos with the aperture up to f/1.4.
    - Focus point continuous change functionality for tracking object and aperture size.
    - Multi-choice simulated aperture diaphragms for generating different bokeh spot effects
    - Multi-layer feature for fitting at least 4 different videos on a single screen.
    - Adjustment layer for each option.
    - Speed ramping and video reverse capability for creating custom-made videos.
    - Industrial-grade chroma key can perfectly knockout the hair & feather for the green/blue screen video.
    - Video stabilizer can remove the shaking issue for all existing videos.
    - Mask, Blur, Bokeh and Tilt-shift effects.
    - Text animations can make your videos look cooler.
    - Standalone audio editor for managing music and sounds.
    - Video export feature; for exporting videos as screenshot, animated GIF, or 4K&60fps.
    - Eligible for importing 3DL and CUBE files as custom files.
    - Essential tool for iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro & iPad Pro with LiDAR.

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    1.4.9 | OS ≥ 12.0

    Cập nhật: 2023-03-06
    iPA by iOS CodeVN

    Server1 Server2 Server3

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