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  • Cách Crack Rocket: Sau khi đã tải bản Cracked về và cài đặt thành công, mở ứng dụng Instagram lên -> bấm vô biểu tượng hình người ở góc phải bên dưới -> bấm vô dấu 3 gạch ở góc phải bên trên -> Rocket Settings -> Upgrade Now! -> Lúc này sẽ tải về 1 file cấu hình, tiến hành cài đặt và mở Manage License -> Restore Purchases

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    ⭐ Injected Rocket for Instagram by Majd Alfhaily

    Rocket enriches Instagram client with loads of features! Starting from saving posts, reposting, checking if other users follow you and many more.

    - Save any photo to Camera Roll.
    - Save any video to Camera Roll.
    - Hold down on an image to view high resolution version of it.
    - Hold down on a video to view high resolution version of it.
    - Double tap or hold on a profile image to view it in full screen.
    - Mute and Unmute users from home and activity feed.
    - Hide sponsored posts.
    - Show following status on user profile.
    - Share images using default iOS share sheet.
    - View direct messages without notifying sender.
    - Easily toggle feed layout between grid and list with a press of a button.
    - Confirmation alert when you double-tap a post to like.
    - Tap times inside a post cell to show full timestamp.
    - View stories without marking them as seen.
    - Download photos and videos from stories.
    - Manually mark stories as seen.
    - Show entire gallery instead of last 24 hours in story maker.

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    275.0 (T3.8.6) | iOS ≥ 13.4

    Cập nhật: 2023-03-21

    Server1 Server2 Server3 Server4

    275.0 (T3.8.6) Cracked | iOS ≥ 13.4

    Cập nhật: 2023-03-21

    Server1 Server2 Server3 Server4

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