X-Reader: Pdf/EPub Reader

X-Reader: Pdf/EPub Reader

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Welcome to use X-Reader App. It supports multi-languages and iPhone/iPad/Mac multi-systems.

• No Ads when reading.
• Support txt, epub, pdf, mobi, azw, azw3 etc. (Do not support encrypted book)
• Full text search of books.
• Good reading experience, dark mode, custom fonts, themes, brightness, line height, etc.
• Import & export local books.
• 4 turning animations: curl, horizontal, smooth scroll, none.
• Customized font.
• iPad multi tasking.
• Mac multi windows.
• Keyboard shortcuts.
• Multi languages support.
• Reading page margin adjustment, Pdf page edge cutting.

2、Text to speech
• Support multiple language, multiple document formats (include pdf).

3、Taking notes
• Underlines, highlight, add notes, five colors as you read.
• Reading notes are available for common book types: Txt/Epub/Pdf/Mobi/Azw/Kindle.

4、Directly open to read,more detail:《User-Guide.pdf》
• Directly open file from the iCloud/Finder Apps without importing first.

5、Import & export files,more detail:《User-Guide.pdf》
• Download from Safari and import.
• Airdrop import.
• iPad Drag&Drop files.

6、Useful tips
• Multiple windows support under iPad/Mac.
• Directly open book for reading without importing.
• When reading, long press to draw underline and take notes.
• When reading, click Pin button to Pin/UnPin reading sidebar.
• When reading, drag Pin button to resize reading sidebar.
• When reading, using keyboard shortcuts below:
Prev page:Left arrow
Next page:Right arrow、Space
Exit reading:Backspace
Reaing menu:Esc
• When browsing photos, using these keyboard shortcuts:
Prev photo:Left arrow
Next photo:Right arrow
Exit browsing:Esc

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