Fishing Pal++「Premium」

Fishing Pal++「Premium」

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    Find the best local fishing spots, top baits, get accurate fishing forecast, log, and identify your catches. With Fishing Pal, you can be a smarter angler and catch bigger fish!

    - Find Local Fishing Spots
    By searching for a specific location name, you can find the best fishing spots near you with our massive real and accurate fishing spot data. Better spots, and more catches.

    - Log Catch and Identify Fish
    The Fishing Pal app allows you to keep track of all your personal fishing statistics like what, where, and when you catch. Backed by AI image recognition technology, you can also identify the fish you catch and get a presumable weight of it.

    - Real-time Fishing Forecast
    Is today suitable for fishing? Get an answer on Fishing Pal! The Fishing Pal app can tell you the real-time fishing forecast based on your desired fishing spot which includes pressure, weather, wind, humidity, and more. Always go fishing on a good day!

    - Fish with Top Baits
    What bait should I use to catch a big fish? Fishing Pal can tell you. The app provides users with many best-performing baits to choose from.

    Love fishing, love Fishing Pal! Join us now.

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