MoviePro : Video Camera

MoviePro : Video Camera

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Unlock the power of iPhone camera to create true professional quality enthralling videos, read from Teleprompter script that autoscrolls as you record. No subscriptions or in-app purchases!


- Choose Resolution(4K, 1080p,720p, 480p),
- Select FrameRate (30,25,24, 48, 50, 60, 96, 100, 120, 192, 200, 240),
- Select Video Encoding(HEVC or H264),
- Select Video compression (bitrate upto 150 Mbps for very high quality videos or choose lower bitrate to save disk space),
- Select Audio compression and audio frequency (48 KHz or 44.1 KHz)
- Supports Uncompressed Audio
- Silent Audio option (record without audio)
- Zoom speed control
- Separate focus & exposure reticle mode (simply drag reticles to change focus/exposure and tap the reticle to lock it
- Manual Focus/Exposure
- White Balance controls (includes presets for various standard settings as well as manual configuration)
- Video Stabilisation modes (OFF, Standard, Cinematic, Cinematic Extended)
- Gimbals (Osmo Mobile, Zhiyun,etc.): Enable Volume Shutter in Settings to use Gimbals

- Microphones:

• External microphone support
• Bluetooth microphone option
• Supports AirPods
• Select Builtin microphone
• Mic volume control(available on external mics or builtin mic of iPad)
• Live Audio monitoring through headphones (including AirPods)
• Stereo recording(iPhoneXR/XS or later)
• Audio meters


• Create or import a script to read that automatically scrolls as you record
• Includes builtin rich text editor to create a script
• Adjust scrolling speed as you record,
• Adjust font size, text area, or placement of script on the screen
• Import script from Files App of iPhone or iPad (supported formats are plain text, rtf, and pdf)
• Auto stop recording when script ends (configurable in settings)

- Video Export Options

• Record directly in Camera Roll,
• Export to Camera Roll
• AirDrop through Files App
• iTunes File Sharing

- Camera UI Settings

• Lock interface orientation
• Hide all controls with/without reticles
• Composition Guides - Thirds guide & Symmetry guides

If you like this version of MoviePro, please also consider purchasing our paid MoviePro app that has even more advanced video recording features along with a companion Remote control app.

If you are a business development manager, studio owner, educators, or anyone who wants a custom video app for your business needs, please do contact us using the below info.
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@movieproapp on Twitter

* Capabilities and features depend on device

NOTE: This version of MoviePro has basic features necessary for professional recording combined with autocue/script reading. For more advanced features such as Remote Control using another iOS device or Apple Watch, HDR/ProRes profiles, etc., please do consider purchasing our MoviePro Pro Video Camera app or app bundle.

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