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⭐ SelfieCity++ Hacked by tuandb

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  • ⭐ SelfieCity—High-Quality Selfie

    ——A new, stylish way to take pictures——
    SelfieCity has been revamped and upgraded! Try out tons of high-quality new camera functions and snap stylish photos anytime, anywhere!
    [Reshape] All-new magical technology! Enjoy the long legs you've always dreamed of
    [Cute & Cool Stickers] With a huge arsenal of stickers for you to choose from, you’ll never get bored!
    [Unique Filters] Lots of stylish filters for different situations to transform your failed snaps into amazing artistic photos!
    [Realistic Retouching] Detailed retouching and contouring to bring out your best look even when without makeup!
    [15-sec Videos] Show off your hip attitude! Segment filming + exciting effects = stylish movie-esque creations!

    ——SelfieCity VIP——

    [VIP Benefits] Enjoy various elements and personalized features.

    Monthly Subscription: 1 month subscription period
    Quarterly Subscription: 3-month subscription period
    Yearly Subscription: 12-month subscription period

    Terms of Service:https://pro.meitu.com/selfiecity/service/v3.0/index.html?lang=en
    Privacy Policy:https://pro.meitu.com/selfiecity/privacy-policy/index.html?lang=en

    ——Contact Us——
    Chat with us about your user experience, any bugs you spot, and suggestions you might have for our products. During working hours, our Customer Services personnel will be online at all times to answer all your questions!
    - Official Weibo account: @潮自拍
    - Official WeChat public account: selfiecity

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