Homeless: Life to death RPG

Homeless: Life to death RPG

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Text survival game! Begin your life as an unknown bum and grow to the President of your country! You'll have only 7 days to raise your life indicators before you die!

The game allows you to live your virtual life started as an unknown hobo, achieve fame and even become a president of your country!
One action in the game takes 1 game day.
Every day your mood, health and satiety decreases.
If the level of vital signs falls to zero, you’ll have 7 days to raise it, otherwise you will die.

Return bottles, gain money!

Over 200 unique actions!
Over 50 unique events and items!
Opportunity to continue the game even if your hero is dead, without point or day loss!

Try and become the richest homeless in the world!

- new actions!
- new items and events!
- new casino games!
- new inventory and market to trade with your friends!
- new skins and sounds!
- network game support!

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2.1.1 | iOS ≥ 13.0

Cập nhật: 2023-05-31

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