Shoe Size Meter Converter Pro

Shoe Size Meter Converter Pro

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Measure feet, convert sizes & save results easily! Use camera for accurate measurements. Perfect fit for all - men, women & kids!

A quick and accurate way to measure feet length and width and to get a shoe size chart.
Find your shoe size from the first measurement. A guide is included in the app.

Buying shoes or roller skates online? Don't know how to measure shoe size at home?
Now you can find out your correct shoe size using a phone camera before making an online purchase.

With this app you can:
- measure your feet length in mm and inch
- measure your feet width and type (narrow, regular, wide)
- measure for man, woman, kid
- use Size Converter to get standard sizes if you know the length of your foot
- see an international standard shoe size chart (USA, Europe, Brazil, UK, Japan & China)

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