Snippit - Code Snippet Manager

Snippit - Code Snippet Manager

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Snippit is a code management app for the cloud. Without iCloud, you can still use Snippit - it just won't be quite so cool.

With Snippit, you can..

• Create & Edit Snippets in Objective-C, Swift, Python, and dozens more!
• Edit your code
• Share Image of your snippet with line numbers, pre-formatted and coloured
• Drag your snippets to another app to insert them
• Change between light and dark modes
• Synchronise your snippets between all your devices for free using iCloud.

Available as a separate purchase on macOS, you can purchase Snippit for your computer to take your snippets back to the desktop.

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v3.1.8 | OS ≥ 14.0

Cập nhật: 2023-05-26

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