FyTube - YouTube Without Ads

FyTube - YouTube Without Ads

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Our App connects to YouTube in real time and allows you to play any video!
FyTube has special features such as: floating mode playback (while using other Apps) and locked screen playback, as well as other well-known features such as: activate subtitles, change production speed, full screen mode, rewind... we also added filters search by upload dates so you don't miss a single video of the topics you like the most!


It allows you to keep your videos playing on a part of your device's screen, while you can simultaneously do any other task with other apps, like send a message, check your email, check your social networks or whatever you want!

How to activate:
1. Choose the video you want to play using our search engine.
2. Our player will open, touch the red icon that will appear to start playback.
3. Once your video is playing, slide our App from the bottom to the top, the player will be in floating mode! you will be able to watch your videos and simultaneously use your device in any other App :) [Check in our preview images].

• Once the producer is in floating mode, you can move it by sliding it, or make it smaller by double tapping.

This functionality allows you to continue listening to the audio of your videos while your device is on the locked screen, ideal for listening to your music or your favorite songs while driving, or simply when you want to rest with the audio in the background.

How to activate:
2. Then just lock the screen on your device and you will continue to listen to the audio of your video without interruption :)

Need help how to use these features go to: fydub.com/fytube


• Full screen video playback with high quality videos.

• Easy to use interface, friendly design.

• Fast forward and rewind your video whenever you want, never miss the most interesting parts.

• Activation of subtitles.

• Change the playback speed as you like.

• Search engine with smart filters by upload date: day, week, month, year, all.

• In each video you will find the related videos section so you can find more interesting videos.

• Find out about the latest videos and don't miss news from around the world.

• Our App connects directly to YouTube which allows you to find any video.

• Enjoy content on any AirPlay compatible device.

• VoiceOver available.

• Does not require user creation.

• We do not cache, we do not store cookies, we do not store personal data without your authorization, watch your favorite videos safely.

• Interface available in 29 languages.


GET FyTube IN ONE LIFETIME PAYMENT and start a new video streaming experience with no ads and no subscriptions.

Minimum requirements:

• Iphone 5s or higher.
• Fifth generation iPad or higher.
• 3G connection or higher.

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Terms of Service:

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If you have questions about how to use FyTube visit fydub.com/fytube or write to us, we will be happy to help you, we answer all our emails: fytube@fydub.com

FyTube works with YouTube. The YouTube brand and logo are registered trademarks of Google, Inc. All rights reserved.

© FyTube®.

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