Prepositions in English: Learn

Prepositions in English: Learn

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Travelers, students and language learners of all levels will benefit from using this app. It can be used both as a practical reference and as a self-study tool.

A preposition is a service part of speech, which is the expression of pronouns or nouns to other parts of speech in a sentence. There are a large number of prepositions in English, so it is not always easy to choose the right preposition correctly. Another complication of English prepositions is their inconsistency with prepositions in other languages. It follows that you can't just pick a preposition that fits the meaning based on your native language. You need to learn all the rules for using English prepositions from scratch. The wrong choice of prepositions can significantly change the meaning of the sentence or make it completely incomprehensible. Also, depending on the sentence, even the most common prepositions can change their meaning and be translated in different ways. Therefore, it is very important not only to memorize prepositions, but also to memorize their use in the context of sentences.
In order to help you cope with this task, we have created a special application that has a unique technique. You will not only learn English prepositions, but, most importantly, learn them as part of a sentence. You will immediately see how you can use this or that English preposition. In different texts, it can occur in different meanings and this property will help you to know a large amount of the meaning of this preposition.
Our application contains a large number of texts and books on various topics. You will definitely find something interesting just for yourself. Having selected the text, you begin to study prepositions. You just need to carefully read the proposed text and correctly insert the missing prepositions. Thus, you not only learn the prepositions of the English language, but also memorize new words, thereby replenishing your vocabulary.
In addition, in our application you will find an English grammar course on the subject of prepositions. This information will help you repeat the basic prepositions of the English language and how to use them on your own. Beginners to learn English will be able to organize their knowledge in this way. If your level of English is high enough, then you can always use grammar to repeat the rules.
Our application will be useful and interesting for all ages, because everyone likes to read classical literature and learn new facts. Therefore, you will never get bored while using our application.
Daily English learning with our app will help you take your English to the next level on your own. Alternatively, you can use it as an addition to your textbooks or language courses.
Remember that the main rule of learning English is regularity. Therefore, daily practice is one of the main conditions for success.

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