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This is the world's first web browser with auto-paste keyboard and text recognition capabilities as well as support for both the Apple Pencil and Touch.
It allows for the ability to extract text from any picture and website displayed on the screen with just a simple tap on the screen.

There are 7 modes available to copy text from the screen:

1. Taplet
2. Draglet
3. Boxlet
4. Sizelet
5. Wavelet
6. Freestyle
7. Full Screen (In-App Purchase)

With Apple's Continuity, the copied text is available to paste to any Apple device including the Mac, iPhone, and iPad.
This app is 100% advertisement free. I never ever never collect any data other than what is natively provided by Apple such as crash reports.

Feel free to message me about any bugs, feedbacks, and/or concerns.

Languages Supported: English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, French, Chinese (Traditional & Simplified), and many more.

Please Note:
* Text recognition of videos is not supported at this time (Use Apple Live Text instead).
* Must enable full-access in the keyboard section of system settings for auto-paste capabilities.
*** Due to Apple Privacy restrictions starting in iOS/iPadOS 16, you may need to enable "Paste from Other Apps" in the iOS/iPadOS settings ***

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3.5.4 | OS ≥ 16.4

Cập nhật: 2023-06-06

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