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The app contains nationwide emergency numbers with direct dialing for following countries: Austria, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Canada and the USA, as well as any tools that may be needed in emergency situations. A first aid audio guide provides chest compressions instructions with a 100 BPM counter. With the quick search you can quickly google important numbers such as Pharmacy emergency service. The city only has to be entered once and it will be saved.

Business users can now create a phonebook for their customers. Customers and users have the option to scan and load the phonebook into their NINU app using a QR code. This is an easy way for companies, hotels, cities, or any other business to keep their contacts organized.

You can also create your own phone book to make calls. You can also send a pre-filled SMS or WhatsApp with your location, a pre-filled Personal Data Mask, or a Current Data Mask, to these created contacts, provided that all services are activated. Current data mask contains data about a current journey, trip or situation (e.g. skiing). The personal data mask contains information about the person, such as name, blood type, previous illnesses, required medication and other special features.

The following numbers are included:

● Police, Fire Department, Emergency (all countries)

● Emergency Doctors Care (most countries)

● Transporting to Hospital (most countries)

The other countries to choose from often have often more or similar numbers, such as e.g. poison control, mental health care, help for kids and many more.

Sources: Government websites of the states, German Federal Network Agency (HDSW numbers), and many more.

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