Buoywatch: Surf Report Weather

Buoywatch: Surf Report Weather

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▶ Over 300 NOAA & worldwide buoys
▶ iOS Home and Lock screen widgets!
▶ Waves size alarms
▶ New watchOS complications
▶ Historic charts

▶ Favorites
▶ Dark or Light themes

Buoywatch allows you to get real-time wave data in your wrist.

Get aware when the surf is good at a glance.
Too often swell arrives later than predicted, checking the buoy waves data you can determine if the swell has arrived. If not, go back to bed =)

▶ Over 300 NOAA & worldwide buoys.

▶ iOS 14 widgets!

▶ Favorites buoys.

▶ New watchOS complications.

▶ Historic charts.

▶ Dark or Light mode support.

▶ Waves size notifications to score the best surf.

Set your nearest or preferred buoy as your main one and your are ready to get real-time updates, 24-hour chart data, buoy alerts and much more.

You will be able to set Modular, Graphic and Circular complications that will display real-time wave data at a glance.

If offline, lastly marine buoys observations will always be available for your main buoy.

Buoy data includes wave size, swell direction and swell period. Some buoys provide weather information, such as wind direction, wind speed, air and water temperature.

Buoy data is provided by the National Data Buoy Center of NOAA (http://www.ndbc.noaa.gov) and other public services.

Please check that there are wave buoys in your area before purchasing.

Covered Areas:
- North America:
US Pacific: Washington to California
US Atlantic: Main to Florida
US Virgin Islands
Puerto Rico
US/Canada Great Lakes
Gulf of Mexico
- Hawaii
- Australia
- Europe
- Caribbean
- Samoa
- Guam
- India
- Taiwan
- Azores

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