Textify - Don't listen.. Read!

Textify - Don't listen.. Read!

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== Turn Voice and Video Messages into Text with Textify ==

Don't want to play that voice message out loud? Need to quickly know what's said in a video message? Textify transforms your voice and video messages into text effortlessly.

++ Compatible with Major Messaging Platforms ++

• WhatsApp
• Telegram
• iMessage
• Threema
• LINE Messenger
• Signal
• And many more!

** Featured by idownloadblog.com: "Surprisingly powerful. You will not be disappointed." **

++ Why Choose Textify? ++

• Unparalleled Accuracy: Get transcriptions that understand dialects and accents.
• Blazing Speed: Transcribe 5 minutes of speech in under 20 seconds*.
• AI-Powered Summaries*: Need a quick rundown? Textify provides intelligent summaries of your voice messages.
• Multi-Functional: Not just voice messages, transform video messages into text too.
• Smart Scans: Scan transcriptions for phone numbers, calendar events, and more.
*AI-Powered Summaries and high transcription speed are available only with Textify+.

++ Multi-Language Support ++

From English and German to Korean and Vietnamese, Textify supports 50+ languages.

== Give it a try and start textifying! ==

== Disclaimer ==

This is a Third Party Application which is in no way endorsed or affiliated by WhatsApp Inc., Threema GmbH, Telegram Messenger LLP, Apple, or the Line Corporation.
WhatsApp, Threema, Telegram, iMessage, LINE, and the used screenshots are trademarks of WhatsApp Inc., Threema GmbH, Telegram Messenger LLP, Apple, and the Line Corporation.
The use of this app is at your own risk, and I am in no way responsible for any consequential, incidental, indirect, special, or punitive damages whatsoever.
I further take no responsibility for damages caused by misunderstandings due to incorrect voice recognition.

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