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Keep track of all your cryptocurrency transactions along with fiat deposits/withdrawals in one place.

Need to file your taxes and include gains/losses from your crypto transactions? Ledger Manager can smartly generate those reports for you and facilitate reporting them on your tax forms! (refer to screenshots)

If you've ever wanted to keep track of all your financial assets in one place, Ledger Manager helps you visualize your investments, cash balances and assets in an aggregated view with easy to digest profit/loss reports. No account linking required, you just manage a ledger of funds movements, and let the app do the rest.

After making a transaction on an exchange, simply record it manually in the app and it'll sync on all your iOS devices.

The "Reports" screen will display:
• The total size of the your currency's holdings.
• The currency's average unit price.
• Along with the holding % of for that currency.
• The current market price and value of your holdings.

Gain/Loss Report Generation:
• Generate a profit & loss report for any coin in a calendar year.
• Smartly calculates for every sale the average acquisition cost and date based on either FIFO (first in first out) or LIFO (last in first out) approach.
• These reports can help facilitate your tax reporting on any gain/loss for the year!*
• Reports can be exported into .csv format to easily copy/paste into tax form.*

Net Worth Reports:
• Add your own monetary items you’d like to track. No account linking necessary! Example: Bank name, financial institution, exchange name, asset name, etc.
• Items are grouped by category: Cash, Investment or Asset.
• Record any monetary transactions (non crypto) into a ledger. Example: Transfer of funds from bank into an exchange.
• Come back and record the current monetary value of your item. Example: Current bank account balance, current portfolio balance, asset value, etc.
• Ledger Manager will automatically show you all your gains/losses across all your monetary items so far, along with any fluctuations. It will even plot your changes on a line chart.

Additional features include:
• No account creation needed, as long as you're logged in to your personal iCloud account, everything will get synced automatically.
• Privacy is our top concern, your data is stored in your private iCloud account.
• Flip the update fiat switch when adding/editing a transaction, to automatically adjust your total fiat balance.
• Deleted transactions end up in a "Recently Deleted" screen, so you can restore them for up to 30 days. Or just delete them permanently.
• Integrated calculator as you input values to allow arithmetical evaluation on the fly.
• Support for Face/Touch ID & Passcode.
• Support for Dark mode.

*Reports should not be used as-is prior to consulting a tax advisor.

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