Spell the Beans

Spell the Beans

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Get ready for a truly new word game with staying power.

Spill a handful of coffee beans, and as letters come up one at a time, put a letter in any bean you choose, making words as you go. As you place more letters, you create words in every direction, including a lot you weren't even looking for. We keep track of your words and score so you can focus on where to put the letters.

Besides beans, you can drop letters into bubbles of spilled hot coffee if even more jumbled fun is your cup of tea. Or slow the pace with colored candy hearts, where shorter words carry more weight. Our fourth variation, 8-Spot, forces you to adapt by "spotting" randomly pre-placed letters in fixed locations. And now the latest addition, Cyrano, chooses three special random letters that boost the score of any word you put them in.

The letters, hearts, bubbles and beans spill deliciously differently every time, making each game a fresh challenge. Or a sandbox of see-what-happens finger-fidgeting, if it's been that kind of day. Think as much or as little as you want. Pour spelling either way.

Spell the Beans. Give your brain a new buzz.


• Carefully roasted blend of letters – This is not your grandparents' RSTLNE. We're confident no one has quite this fine-tuned mix. You’ll love the difference.

• Endless variation in random bean, bubble and heart patterns – Never face the same setup twice. And just leave the spilling and cleanup to us. The leading soft, absorbent paper towel not required.

• Scoring in any direction - any connected beans, bubbles or hearts can make a word. Literally lateral thinking. People love getting words they didn't even see coming. Great spelling optional.

• Play alone or against Blu Yonder, an opponent who’ll always keep you on your toes. Sometimes beatable, sometimes unbelievable. Always Blu.

• Fifty color schemes to choose from. Intuitive interface lets you drag anywhere to highlight word locations easily.

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1.6.2 | OS ≥ 11.0

Cập nhật: 2023-10-02

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