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Give, Get, and Grab tokens (or other items) from the players on your Left, Right, or the Center Pot! Whether you call this game “Left Center Right” or “Quarters”, your favorite Family & Friends game is taken to a whole new level!

Did someone forget to bring the game or lose the dice? Don’t worry…with this app you can play anytime, anywhere, and with anyone!

Give, Get, or Grab tokens to win the pot! Take turns to roll and complete the actions. The last person with a token wins them all!

Gather around the table for incredible fun and lasting memories. Only one device is needed. This game can be a new holiday tradition with your friends and family!

A simple design ensures that players of all ages can join the fun. Game Rules can be accessed from the Tab Menu Bar.

Version 2 added even more fun for everyone. If you enable the "Last Chance Roll" option, players without any tokens can attempt the "Last Chance Roll" and have a 1/4 chance to take a token from anyone.

Versions 3 and 4 have updated colors and themes.

As always, one low price allows no ads and we do not collect any of your personal data.


Each player begins with 3 tokens (a token could be anything). Take turns to “roll” the Actions and then follow the displayed results. The last player with a token(s) wins the center pot! Everyone remains in the game until there is a winner.

The traditional actions, such as "Give Left", "Give Right", "Give Center", and "Keep" already make this an unpredictable and exciting game.


If you enable the +Bonus Actions feature, additional actions such as…

“Give to the 2nd Player on your Left”
“Give to the 2nd Player on your Right”
“Grab a Token from the Center Pot”

…will add even more randomness and unpredictable results. Truly anyone can win up until the last roll!

You can also enable humorous and encouraging Sound Effects with each roll.

Game Odds with Traditional Actions Only:

Give a token to Player on Left = 1/6
Give a token to Player on Right = 1/6
Give a token to Center Pot = 1/6
Keep the token (No Action) = 3/6

Game Odds with additional +Bonus Actions:

Give a token to Player on Left = 2/25
Give a token to Player on Right = 2/25
Give a token to Center Pot = 4/25
Keep the token (No Action) = 12/25
Give a token to 2nd Player on Left = 2/25
Give a token to 2nd Player on Right = 2/25
Grab a token from the Center Pot = 1/25

Game Odds for the +Last Chance Roll:

Take One from Anyone = 1/4
No Action (Sorry...maybe next time) = 3/4

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4.1 | OS ≥ 17.0

Cập nhật: 2024-01-06

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