[M] Dynamic Wallpaper Engine

[M] Dynamic Wallpaper Engine

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Dynamic Wallpaper Engine allows you to use live wallpapers on your desktop/screensaver. It provides thousands of live wallpapers in the Workshop while taking as little system resources as possible. It's the Wallpaper Engine for Mac.

● 3000+ hand-picked videos which are updated every day.
● Multiple types of 4K Ultra HD videos, anime, scenery, cute, game, creative, Beauty, Ancient, Movie, AI art, etc.
● Supports "keyword searching" in videos.
● Supports "Dynamic-ScreenSaver", personalize your lock screen.
● Easy to import local video.
● Supports The playlist, list loop, shuffle loop.
● Supports multiple screen aspect ratios and video native resolutions.
● Supports global hotkeys to control wallpaper, hide desktop icons and show screensaver.
● Set different wallpapers on different displays.
● Manual control, video pause, resume and mute.
● Break reminders, with flexible customization if you want it.
● Auto mode, pause the video when other apps are active, not disturbed at work.
● Auto mode, pause the video when the Power is disconnected.
● Auto mode, pause the video when idle time exceeds X minutes.
● Support for hiding desktop icons.
● Dynamic Wallpaper Engine is designed to provide an interesting experience while consuming as little system resources as possible.

"Works like a charm. Lets me play videos as my wallpaper and overall is easy to use. I would suggest to anyone looking for a wallpaper engine like software for mac." —— mono.mirrorz

"This is a great alternative for Wallpaper Engine and is also incredibly easy to use. The wallpapers are beautiful and clear. The app is updated with different backgrounds often as well. I highly recommend if you have been looking for an app that offers beautiful, dynamic wallpapers! :)" —— HelloMyNameisNickel

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17.2 | macOS ≥ 10.12

Cập nhật: 2024-01-24

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