Math Editor - PDF, Mathematics

Math Editor - PDF, Mathematics

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Quickly write and edit algebra, geometry, equations, matrices, and more with a specialized math keyboard, designed for all types of mathematical input!

Welcome to Math Editor, the cutting-edge text editor that's transforming the way you interact with mathematical expressions on your device. Whether you're a student, educator, researcher, or a math enthusiast, Math Editor is designed to make your mathematical writing intuitive and efficient.

Main Key Features

* Innovative Math Keyboard: Custom-built for mathematical input, allowing easy typing of equations and formulas. Traditional keyboards are no match for our math-specific keyboard.

* Multiple Math Symbols: Long press on a key to reveal additional variants. For example, long pressing the 'a' key might show different forms of the letter used in various mathematical contexts.

* Intuitive Interface: User-friendly and accessible for users of all ages and skill levels.

* Real-Time Rendering: Your math expressions are beautifully formatted on the screen as you type.

* Versatile Expression Management: Handles everything from simple arithmetic to complex calculus.

* LaTeX Support: For the advanced users, input LaTeX commands for precise mathematical expressions. (Supports over 800 LaTeX commands)

* Save and Share: Easily save your work and share it with others through various platforms.

* Your Portable Math Assistant: Transform your iOS device into a powerful tool for all your math needs.

* Export Options: Ability to export documents in various formats such as PDF, LaTeX, HTML, MathJSON, MathML, ASCII-Math or image files for easy sharing and compatibility with other platforms.

* 4 Main Keyboard layouts: The default layouts include the most common math symbols. They are: numeric, symbols, alphabetic and greek letters.

* Smart and powerful but easy to use PDF reader, editor and file manager. Organize your libraries and collections of PDF in unlimited folders and subfolders.

Math Editor is designed for a wide range of users. Whether you're taking notes for a class, preparing a research paper, or exploring mathematical concepts, this app is your perfect companion. It simplifies mathematical writing, making it accessible and enjoyable.

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