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* What is an Average Face?

An average face isn't just any ordinary face. It's a "statistical average of faces," created by blending several faces together to produce a composite.

* Why are average faces so fascinating?

Psychologists claim that average faces tend to be more attractive than individual faces. Intrigued? Discover the truth with Average Face PRO!

* Who should try Average Face PRO?

- Face Mashup Enthusiasts: Go beyond combining just two faces—blend three or more to create stunning average faces.
- True Average Seekers: Create a genuine average face, not just a layered photo.
- Beauty Buffs: Craft beautiful average faces with ease.

* Features You'll Love:

- Smart Face Detection: Automatically identifies facial features for seamless blending.
- Symmetry Magic: Enhance beauty (or add a quirky touch) with our symmetry function.
- Massive Capacity: Combine up to 16,777,216 faces for the ultimate average face.

* Get Inspired:

Check out amazing examples on Instagram! Search for #averageface to see what others are creating.

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