BEAST: Bio Exo Arena Suit Team

BEAST: Bio Exo Arena Suit Team

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Immerse yourself in the cosmic adventure of BEAST! A unique 3V3 online shooter designed for all ages. BEAST combines charm and excitement with intuitive controls.

- Unleash your inner champion with our accessible and rewarding shooting mechanics, guaranteeing endless fun and excitement.
- Navigate a captivating sci-fi universe as an iconic animal hero. Pilot powerful mechanized armors known as BEASTs, and fight for the honor of your home planet.
- Experience dynamic gameplay with the unique ability to switch between your agile PET and mighty BEAST forms, each loaded with their own unique abilities and weapons.
- Meet our charismatic roster of heroes: Clyde the crafty cat, Nyx the sharpshooting owl, Rusty the fierce warthog, and GG Nova the eccentric unicorn. Even more diverse characters are waiting for you to discover.
- Engage in a variety of exciting game modes such as Payload, Crystal Rush, and Free For All. Each mode promises to add a unique twist, depth, and exhilaration to your battles.
- Team up with friends and family in a gaming environment that's as fun as it is friendly. Victory is all the sweeter when it's shared.
- Compete for ultimate glory, climbing the ranks and dominating the leaderboards against players worldwide.

Unleash your inner BEAST, embrace the thrill of victory, and become a true legend in the exhilarating arena of BEAST!
Install the game now and prepare for the ultimate battle!

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1.5.1 | OS ≥ 13.0

Cập nhật: 2024-05-28

Server1 Server2 Server3

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