Fitmeter Bike - GPS Cycling

Fitmeter Bike - GPS Cycling

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20+ bike ride tracking features in your pocket! Current speed, distance, GPS live route session, auto pause detection and more! Don’t miss the best cycling tracker!

Fitmeter Bike turns your iPhone/iPad into a bicycle computer with incredible functionality. Try it once and it’ll remain the only biking app on your iPhone for years to come!
Whether you are an amateur that is just starting, or a pro preparing for a competition, Fitmeter Bike is the advanced tracker you need to track and upgrade your cycling.

Your session is tracked GPS based and all data is presented in real-time. View your current speed, average speed, distance, but also see advanced tracking data like uphill or downhill time. And everything you track is kept neatly organized in History for later viewing.

- GPS based position and route of the session will be displayed on a map including distance markers.
- Apple and Open Street maps. Standard and Satellite
- Current speed
- Top speed
- Average speed
- Distance
- Duration of the session
- Pause time
- Auto Pause detection. No separate equipment required
- Altitude tracking. Uphill / Downhill
- Burned calories. E-Bike support configurable
- Apple Watch. Monitor and control your activity using your Apple watch
- Heart rate measurement. Use your Apple Watch or an external Bluetooth sensor
- Support for Bluetooth cadence and speed sensors
- Average pulse
- Split times
- Indoor cycling
- History. All activities will be stored and can be reviewed. No session count limitation.
- Import / Export all activities from / to iCloud or a CSV file
- Statistics. Charts for the last weeks, months, and years
- Records. See your all-time records and a summary over all sessions.
- Facebook support. Post sessions to your Facebook timeline.
- Apple health support: Active Energy, Cycling Distance, Weight, Workouts
- Ad free
- No registration required
- No email advertisement
- Languages: English, Danish, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Hungarian

Now go, get this cycling tracker app and turn your iPhone into a bicycle computer!

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