Fraction Steps: Learn Visually

Fraction Steps: Learn Visually

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Fraction Steps app is a great way to learn and practice fractions visually and intuitively. Whether you're a student or just looking to brush up on your math skills, our fractions app is the perfect tool for you! It is so much fun and visual.

In the app, we cover the following lessons:

- Introduction
-- What is a fraction?
-- Fraction on a number line

- GCD and LCM
-- Greatest common divisor
-- Least common multiple

- Equivalence
-- Equivalent fractions
-- Equivalent fractions on a number line
-- Simplifying fractions

- Comparison
-- Comparing like fractions
-- Comparing unlike fractions

- Addition
-- Adding like fractions
-- Adding unlike fractions

- Subtraction
-- Subtracting like fractions
-- Subtracting unlike fractions

- Multiplication
-- Multiplying fractions
-- Multiplying fractions intuition

- Division
-- Dividing fractions

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