NCS color chart. 3D fan deck

NCS color chart. 3D fan deck

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This app is created just for you - a true professional! Thousands of architects, designers, engineers and simply creative people from all over the world use our product. All the comments and wishes of users helped to create a reliable, powerful and useful application. We developed physically correct 3D materials and brought to perfect the color rendering. The app is very easy to master, and reliability and speed of operation will pleasantly surprise you. We can state with confidence, that it’s the best digital NCSystem color chart ever!

The NCSystem color standard holds the dominant position in architecture, design, industry and commerce. Leading global companies use NCSystem colors in their production.

- original NCSystem color chart
- physically correct 3D materials
- perfect color rendering
- colors and description can be added to your favorites
- convenient converter in RGB, CMYK, HEX
- app does not require the Internet
- ad-free

Recommended for iPhone 5S or higher!

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2.2.1 | OS ≥ 15.0

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