ReelToReelLike MusicPlayer

ReelToReelLike MusicPlayer

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This App is music player modeled after an open reel tape.
The open reel tape section rotates and the tape increases and decreases.
In addition to the playback function as a music player, you can freely select the design of the main unit, so it can be used as an interior decoration depending on the location. (As a stylish interior with the background music of the store, as a desk interior)
Not only listening to music, but also watching it is fun and nostalgic, so you can enjoy a relaxing time.

【Feature Description】
-You can register and play your favorite songs in the order you like.
- Songs registered as tapes can be freely deleted and the order of songs can be changed later. You can also add songs.
- Songs can be registered and played on tape only from the sound source within the device.
- Low-speed playback, normal playback, high-speed playback (5 rotational speeds), and rewind/fast forwarding (5 rotational speeds) are possible.
- You can choose from 6 different body colors and 5 types reel x 4 colors. There are other items that can be changed in design.
- Compatible with iPhone and iPad in portrait and landscape orientation. The placement of each part changes, resulting in a different image.

【Things impossible】
- You cannot cue, shuffle, or repeat songs.
- Because it is a pseudo tape format, the playback position can only be changed by fast forwarding or rewinding. Fast forwarding or rewinding may take some time.

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3.1 | OS ≥ 16.0

Cập nhật: 2024-05-15

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