School Math: Speech Calculator

School Math: Speech Calculator

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-Solve complex math problems effortlessly.
-Speak or type calculations to get answers with expression steps and learn math concepts offline!

School Math: Speech Calculator is designed to make complex calculations simple and enhance your understanding of math. Perfect for students in school, high school, college, or university, this app not only solves calculations while you speak but also shows the steps and expressions used in the process. It's a complete offline calculator that does not require an internet connection. The app also saves your calculation history for easy reference.

School Math: Speech Calculator is a versatile app that understands both numeric and text-based inputs. Perform a variety of mathematical operations by typing or using the mic.
Unlimited use:
• No registration
• No ads
• No subscriptions
• No in-app purchases

For convenience, you can input expressions in word form, numbers, or a mix of both, such as 'three plus five' or 'twelve divided by four'. The app is designed to interpret these inputs and provide accurate mathematical results. No internet connection is required.
To use the app, touch the mic to speak, or input numbers, words, or letters. You can say or type expressions like '45 times 3 multiply by 5 add 3 over 56' or '35 divided by 2 times 3 plus 19 minus 11 add 3'. All calculations are performed locally on your device. Once you clear your input and history, the data is erased permanently.

Examples of algebraic expressions you can input:
• 34(5 + 6)
• thirty plus five over 2 multiply by 16 add 13
• 65 divided by 2 times 11 add 89 minus 4
• 21 times 72
• Log base 10 of 100
• Pi times ten plus 3

The School Math: Speech Calculator app shows the steps of each calculation. For instance, if you input '34(5 + 6)', the app will display the steps it took to calculate the result, making it easier to understand how the answer was derived. This feature is particularly useful for learning and understanding mathematical concepts.

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