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Try this latest version of EyeQuix: new leaderboards, new additional eyetips, improved user interface. Everything is here for your eye training and eye relaxation!

This mobile app idea began in 2014, as a fun education app and "eye training" for all of us, Trainyoureyes101, was launched on the iOS platform in January 2019. Trainyoureyes 101 was selected by Apple Women’s Entrepreneur Camp in Summer 2019 and now, we are Eye Quix, again with the same goals of enhancing eyesight for all: children, adults who do too much computer work, athletes who want to throw a ball faster, seniors and the curious. We have used this in 180 people and over 97% have 1 or more lines improvement. We have used this app with tennis and baseball players.

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2.0 | iOS ≥ 11.0

Cập nhật: 2021-01-27

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