Sex Tracker by Nice++「Premium」

Sex Tracker by Nice++「Premium」

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⭐ Sex Tracker by Nice++

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  • ⭐ Sex Tracker by Nice

    A privacy focused sex tracking app. Track your sex and sexual activities, partners, locations, duration, orgasms, protection usage, and more!

    Nice supports all users across the gender spectrum and sexual preferences spectrum.

    Record all of your intimate details with your favorite sex partner(s).

    Track STD / STI test dates and results for you and your partners. Be more informed when engaging with partners.

    Nice doesn't use an internet connection so you can be sure your data stays on your device and is only seen by you.

    See your sex statistics such as:
    - Daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly averages
    - Longest streak & longest break
    - Longest, shortest, and average duration
    - Favorite activity, time of day, day of the week
    - Amount protection was used
    - Orgasm counts
    - and more!

    Privacy! Why use Nice over other sex trackers? Because Nice cares about its users' privacy! We do not collect any private information at all.

    Nice also (optionally) integrates with HealthKit so you can sync your sexual activity with the Health app!

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