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⭐ NatureTrails++ Hacked by tuandb

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  • ⭐ Trailscape: Hike, Bike & Run

    Do you enjoy getting out into nature and hiking on trails?
    Wish you could more easily connect with the local plants in your area?
    Want an easy way to get trail recommendations to explore?

    You can take a photo of 50,000+ species plants while you’re on a trail to identify them and instantly receive an in-depth overview of the plant species. This plant knowledge includes its toxicity, taxonomy, locations where it’s commonly found, and so much more.

    Key Features:

    Discover 50,000+ different plant species that are in your area
    Identify and explore in-depth knowledge about the plants you find
    Easily explore popular viewpoints, hiking trails, and parks in your area
    Receive trail recommendations for hiking including length, duration, elevation gain, and plants to look out for
    Hike on your own and use NatureTrails to track your distance traveled, time, elevation gain, and plants
    Create your own plant map to save all the plants you find

    Using the interactive map, you can easily explore local plants that other users have found and identified in your area. Instead of simply reading about plants, you can go visit them in person!

    Looking for trail recommendations? Look no further! NatureTrails contains an extensive database of hiking trails to choose from. Learn key information about each trail including length, average duration, elevation gain, user rating, and even common plants you’ll find along the way. Exploring the parks and trails around you has never been more enjoyable and effortless.

    For those with an active lifestyle, you can use NatureTrails to track your daily hiking statistics. Look back on each day with detailed information including how far you walked, duration, and elevation gain.

    And while you’re in nature, you can save all your findings in your personal NatureTrails map. That way you’ll know exactly where you found each plant and can go visit them in the future.

    Going for walks in nature is just a lot more interesting. NatureTrails gives hiking and nature lovers what they need to increase their knowledge of the natural world, connect more deeply with the flora and fauna in a specific area, and explore new trails.

    Take your hikes to the next level with NatureTrails! Save all your plant findings, track your hiking progress. If you’re interested and curious about the plants around you, there’s a better way to connect with the natural world for you.

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