Glitch Art Studio++「Pro」

Glitch Art Studio++「Pro」

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⭐ Glitch Art Studio++

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  • ⭐ Glitch Art Studio: Cam Effects

    Add glitches to your photos and videos!

    Glitch Art Studio offers an extensive library of exclusive effects to distort your photos and videos in creative ways.


    - Analog Noise
    - Digital Noise
    - Interference
    - VHS Noise
    - Color Aberration
    - Datamosh
    - Slit Scan
    - Pixel Sorting
    - Quantization
    - Dithering
    - Lens Distortions
    - Symmetry
    - Dope & Rad Effects
    - Scanlines
    - Interlace
    - CRT
    - ASCII
    - Glass


    - More than 30 presets
    - Save your edited photos as animated GIFs
    - 4K Resolution on supported devices
    - Mask mode: Select which areas of the image/video are affected by the filters
    - Adjustments: Blur, Sharpen, Brightness, Contrast, Hue, Saturation, Vibrance, Temperature
    - More than 20 original Color Filters
    - 9 Different Blend modes

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