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⭐ Wink++ Hacked by tuandb

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  • ⭐ Wink- Video Retouching Tool

    [Wink] Video Portrait Beautification Tool

    + Retouch and edit videos Quickly & Easily on your phone! Get stunning effects for each frame of your videos.
    + Supports video beautification, including removing wrinkles and skin adjustment to upgrade your video.
    + Multiple powerful video transition effects to make eye-catching videos easily.


    [Facial Features Adjustment] Powerful reshaping technology to help you create an ideal portrait.
    [Skin Tone Adjustment] Adjust skin tone with just one tap, with various trendy tones available.
    [Makeup Effects] Apply any kinds of makeup effects.
    [3D Manual Face Slimming] Supports manual face line adjustments to create an exquisite look for your video.
    [Multiple Faces Retouching] Supports editing multiple faces! Satisfying all varieties of beautification needs.
    [3D Body Reshape] Get a positive body shape with just one tap.
    [Live Photo Beautification] Live Photo can be edited as well.

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    1.3.80 | OS ≥ 11.0

    Cập nhật: 2023-05-25

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    1.5.50 | OS ≥ 11.0

    Cập nhật: 2023-08-26

    Server1 Server2 Server3 Server4

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