Alloy - launcher and automator

Alloy - launcher and automator

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"Alloy - launcher and automator" is all about automating your day-to-day activities. Whether you just need to launch an app or automate your workflow - Alloy makes it simple and handy with just one click. So, if you need to post today's photos with added watermark to Facebook, send canned message to someone, save and track your parking place and time, automate Siri, utilize AI to work with texts and pictures etc. - just create corresponding Actions and use them again and again. With Alloy you can:

∙ Make small apps rather than workflows
∙ Perform some workflows in background
∙ Make your own widgets (glances)
∙ Use AI and Cloud services for your actions
∙ Make your own chat interfaces to any chat services
∙ Associate actions to NFC tags
∙ Process Siri requests in background and return graphical results back to Siri
∙ Launch your actions right form iMessage and share results with your contacts
∙ Associate reminders with actions
∙ Create Lists from templates on schedule or location change
∙ Debug your actions using breakpoints, inspectors, logs etc.
∙ And much more!

"Alloy - launcher and automator" is suitable for any user. No matter who you are, a newbie, or an experienced user, you will find Alloy handy and fun to play with. Newbies can easily make simple Actions in minutes just by defining simple workflow combining several tasks together. Experienced users can build more sophisticated Actions using loops, conditional operators, Web Services, workflow calls etc.

"Alloy - launcher and automator" is wherever you need it. You can make Siri Shortcuts for any Alloy's Actions and then launch those Actions from Siri by speaking certain phrases. It is even possible to make Siri Shortcuts that run in background without leaving Siri... You can use Alloy right from Messages to share Action's result (e.g tip calculation) with friends. Or you can use Alloy's Widget in the Notification Center to get quick access to the Favorite Actions etc.

"Alloy - launcher and automator" combines the best of two worlds:
∙ Advanced launcher with dynamic favorites based on your habits, location, and usage statistics.
∙ Sophisticated workflow engine, which allows to build Actions utilizing REST Web Services, system and Cloud services, installed apps, etc.

Sample Actions that Alloy can do with just one click are:
∙ post today's photos with added watermark to Facebook
∙ calculate a tip
∙ send group SMS and email
∙ send canned SMS to someone
∙ save parking place and setup a reminder to leave
∙ find the best pizza place around on Yelp
∙ upload new photos to Dropbox and send links of them by email
∙ convert EUR to USD using Convertible
∙ navigate to certain location using Google Map
∙ etc.

You can either use ready-to-use Actions from built-in Action Directory or build your own Actions using simple yet powerful Action Editor. Alloy allows you to create custom Actions that will meet your specific needs and desires. You can customize Action's workflows, background, layout, colors, folders, and so much more! If you are ready to create your first customized Action, take a look at our “Alloy Getting Started Guide” or ask our Support Team.

Alloy eliminates the need to browse through several pages full of apps to find an app or Action to launch - dynamic Favorites provide you just with the right set of needed apps and actions based on your habits, location, and usage statistics. You can even use Siri Shortcuts to launch Actions by voice.

Take some time to teach Alloy about your needs and let Alloy greatly improve your life by automating your day-to-day activities!

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