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No spam. No spam. No spam. Only those you trust can message you.

Binbox Messenger keeps unwanted messages out. Only those that you trust can message you. This gives you peace of mind, less junk to process and filter, and most importantly, fewer chances to get defrauded by that innocent looking yet malicious message!

Binbox Messenger is chock-full of goodies: You can easily message those you meet by simply sharing a QR code displayed in your app. They scan and message you instantly! No need to share phone numbers!

Finally, Binbox Messenger helps you find your lost valuables easily. Simply tag your valuables with a QR sticker. When someone finds your lost item, you get a message right in Binbox Messenger! And because tags are simply made of paper/plastic, there's no fear of someone tracking your location. You can generate tags freely in the app yourself. Or, else purchase pre-printed tags from Arnexa (only in the United States). How cool is that?

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1.2.7 | iOS ≥ 12.1

Cập nhật: 2023-05-16

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