Fast Chart-Design&Export chart

Fast Chart-Design&Export chart

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Create Charts or Materials, for better presentation.

A chart-making APP helps you make charts quickly and easily.
[Rich charts]: Supports many common charts such as pie charts, radar charts, line charts, bar charts, scatter plots, etc.

[Easy to use]: Humanized production interface, the appearance of the chart is what you see is what you get, allowing you to easily get started in minutes. Also supports creating tables for quick chart generation.

[High customization]: It's kept simple yet highly customizable, making it easy to create the chart style you like.

[Pure in-app experience]: No built-in ads, no in-app purchases, no internet required, small installation package.

Supported charts:
- Pie (aka: circular percentage),
- Line,
- Horizontal or vertical bar (aka: Column),
- Horizontal or vertical stacked bar,
- Radar (aka: network),
- Graph,
- Scatter plot.
- Venn.
- Progress bar

More charts coming soon!

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