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Kintsugi, an innovative new journaling app, provides insights to propel you forward on your well-being journey. Flourish with the support of our global community.

Journal anytime. Feel heard and understood, supported through our Community, and learn more about yourself. The perfect journaling and self-care app, Kintsugi is here for you!

The goal of self-care is long-term health and well-being. Kintsugi is an advanced journaling and self-care platform that’s powered by your voice. We leverage AI and our Community’s collective knowledge to unearth new insights about you to help bring balance to your everyday life. Simply speak into the app, and let us do the rest. Kintsugi promotes clinically-proven techniques to tackle daily stress and help improve emotional well-being.

Look to grow, be mindful, and promote self-peace with Kintsugi.



“I can’t tell you how wonderful I think this is! I’m a firm believer of therapy and just having the right tools available can make a big difference.”

“My family grew up in the midwest and there was only 1 therapist for the whole town. It was terribly unfair and your app will provide access to those who may need it most.”

“Tracking my journaling through intelligent voice-recorded notes is genius.”


- Feel heard and understood
- Non-judgmental and supportive AI
- Easy access 24/7
- View your mood over time
- Learn more about your emotional triggers
- Read anonymized community inspirations
- Mindful breathing minute-timer
- And much more!

We're here to support your journey and growth, don't hesitate to reach out if you need anything! We are honored to support you.

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