Find Photo Precisely:Queryable

Find Photo Precisely:Queryable

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Queryable is an MacOS app that allows you to find a photo in albums use a text description, completely offline.
- Note: Currently, only photos in photo albums are available for search.

1. What's the highlights ?

- You can use any description you remember to find the photo. For example, a scenario described in your mind (e.g. "photos of our gathering"), a tone (e.g. "kite in blue sky"), an object (e.g. "a dog, a girl, flower"), or even an emotion depicted in that photo (e.g. "We fell in love").

- Queryable runs completely offline. This allows you not to worry about anyone invading your album privacy.

2. How to use Queryable ?

* Build index

The first time you run Queryable, it will build index for all your photos (remember to grant the app access to all your photos), which usually takes a few minutes (depending on the number of photos you have) and processes at a rate of about 2000 photos per minute.

This step is performed only once.

* Search as you like

Once that's done, you can start searching for anything you want.

* Manually update index

When you have new photos, manually updating the index will make them searchable.

3. Are there any privacy or security issues?

Rest assured, Queryable is designed as an offline app and will never request network access, thereby avoiding any privacy issues. (You can turn off its network permissions if you wish.)

- update: for version>=1.1.2, Queryable now gives users the option to choose whether to use wireless data to fetch photos from iCloud. This feature is not mandatory.

As a Chinese indie developer who values privacy, it is very difficult to promote product in English speaking regions. But luckily, when it comes to this app, you don't have to believe me, you can trust science.

4. Any requirements for the iPhone model?

Queryable runs CoreML locally, which means if your iPhone does not support CoreML, you can't use it.

The limitations are:

* MacOS 13.0 or above

* M1 chips or later models

5. Issues with iClould

Since it cannot connect to a network, Queryable can only use the cache of the low-definition versions of your local Photos albums. This does not affect search accuracy, except that you cannot view the original image in the search results.

It's a compromise between privacy and security and convenience. An app that has access to your Photos and the network is a disaster. I hope you can understand.

6. What if it crashes when building an index ?

Make sure you're MacOS 13.0, M1 chip or above. Turn off low battery mode and kill the memory-hungry app, then try building the index again.

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1.3.6 | OS ≥ 16.0

Cập nhật: 2024-01-15

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