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Wine+ puts essential winemaking calculators in your pocket. Advanced features: Hints for sulfite additions and grape harvest, Auto molecular so2 adjustment.

Wine+ is the perfect pocket tool for both growers and winemakers.

** Growers **
Wine+ helps you determine when your grapes are ready to pick for winemaking.

** Winemakers **
Wine+ helps you calculate your so2 additions and approximate ABV%.

+++ Calculators +++

- Tartaric Acid : Enter batch volume and target pH level. This calculator guides you through a bench trial of your wine to lower your wine's pH to a desired level.

- Optimal Harvest : Enter seed color, Brix, pH, and TA to determine when your grapes are ready to pick. Visual scales show the optimal range of values for each parameter and where your measurement fits in.

- SO2 Additions : Simply enter 5 parameters,_olume gallons/liters, current ph, current free so2, desired molecular so2, potassium or sodium metabisulfite), into the calculator and hit the calculate button. After the calculation, you'll receive the additional free so2 required to achieve the desired molecular so2 and the amount of either potassium or sodium metabisulfite required.

- Alcohol ABV% : Enter the original and final Brix/SG values to calculate the approximate ABV% of your wine.

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