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Episode XOXO lets you live your stories with love, romance, adventure, and drama. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you were a character in your favorite story? Episode XOXO lets you do just that with stories where you make choices that matter.

Episode XOXO is an ever-growing collection of interactive stories where you choose your destiny.

How does it work?
Customize your avatar and design your outfit
Develop relationships with your favorite characters - will they be rivals or Romeos?
Change fate through your choices
Immerse yourself in diverse worlds, the options are endless!

Some of our favorite reads:

LITTLE STAR: It’s always been assumed you’d follow in your parents footsteps and become a surgeon, but you’ve always dreamed of being a singer. Then you get the opportunity to secretly join the most famous band in town, and you start to really connect with the star. How will you balance a family that’s willing to manipulate your world to get you back, a band full of drama of its own, and a dream that’s never felt more possible? Time to find out!

THE ROYAL BACHELOR: You’re a PA on the new, hot reality TV show, where the hottest prince is trying to find love. It’s a huge opportunity for you, and a dream come true to even be working on the show. And then you become a contestant. You’re the clear fan favorite, which means everyone is out to get you. Will you be able to rise above the fray and prove that you’re princess material?

NO TIME FOR LOVE: A chance encounter with a celebrity gets you roped into a scheme to be their fake girlfriend for the summer. They’re trying to strengthen their image and not get dropped by their record label; you’re trying to get your college tuition paid for. It seems like an easy win-win, and it’s all fake anyway, or so you tell yourself. Even as your feelings start to become real, you know that everything will all go back to normal soon. You won’t have time for love… right?

THE SECRET HE KEEPS: You get the opportunity to study at a prestigious art school in France. Then you meet a mysterious student that seems to have no artistic talent whatsoever. Your summer away suddenly becomes a thrilling adventure: who is this student, and how they’d end up at this art school? And even more shocking: what’s all this gossip you’re hearing about a mysterious royal at risk of being kidnapped?

ROAD TO WONDERLAND: It’s begun to sink in that you start college for a few months, and you’re having a bit of a crisis: is this it? The end of childhood as you know it? You visit your grandmother, who decides to share some memories of her own youth to show you that adventure and excitement is always possible. And together, you go on a journey to find a long-lost place – Wonderland – from your grandma’s past, and you learn a whole lot about yourself in the process.

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