Hatch - Focus Timer for Study

Hatch - Focus Timer for Study

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Welcome to Hatch, the app that rewards you for reading, studying, and completing homework!

Unlock rare creatures by harnessing your focus energy and build your very own zoo of extraordinary beings. Keep an eye out for elite, legendary, and limited edition creatures to make your collection truly exceptional. Engaging in focus sessions of 25 minutes or longer guarantees the discovery of at least a rare species.

-Creature Key-
* Common: Green
* Uncommon: Blue
* Rare: Purple
* Legendary: Gold
* Elite: Electric Black or Red
* Limited Edition: Various varieties

-How it Works-
1. Set your Hatch timer for any duration between 5 to 120 minutes.
2. Stay fully focused without needing to leave the app.
3. Enter your goal or session information to personalize your experience.
4. Hatch your new friend as you accomplish your tasks.

1. Set your Hatch timer for any duration between 5 to 120 minutes.
2. Keep the timer running in the background while you work.
3. Complete your tasks with undivided attention.
4. Hatch your new friend to celebrate your achievements.

-Parents & Teachers-
Hatch utilizes positive behavioral reinforcement to reward students for maintaining focus and completing tasks. We recommend starting with shorter sessions of 5-10 minutes and gradually increasing the duration as your child or student becomes more adept at staying focused for extended periods without interruption.

Endorsed by @orderoutofchaos as a powerful tool to help students with ADHD or those prone to distraction

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