NoDown - Avoid Text Neck

NoDown - Avoid Text Neck

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Looking down and playing with mobile phones is the main culprit of cervical spine diseases. Studies have shown that the burden on the neck is 12kg when the head is lowered at an angle of 15°, and the burden on the neck will increase 5kg for every increase of 15°. To protect your spine, start by reducing the repetitions you bow your head.

What the app can do for you?
1. When you play with your mobile phone in spare time, the app remind you to keep a correct sitting posture.
2. When kid is doing homework, let her/him wear earphones, the app remind her/him to pay attention to the sitting posture at all times, and protect her/his eyesight and spine
3. Challenge your self-control ability and reduce the repetitions you bow your head per unit time.

Motion & Fitness
This app uses motion API to track your head posture

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