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Improve your daily, weekly, and monthly practice habits by tracking your progress each day. Whether you are a practicing musician, athlete, or are learning a new skill, PracticeMeter can help you in organizing and motivating your personal practice. Available on iPhone and Apple Watch.

Start a Session
Simply press the ‘Start’ button at the beginning of your practice session. A timer will begin. After your practice session press the stop button. PracticeMeter will ask you what you practiced. In addition to tracking the amount of time, you can organize your practice sessions into Fundamentals and Goals.

Fundamentals are skills that you want to develop each day. It may include a specific warmup routine with activities that are repeated each day. For a musician, this may include breathing activities, long tones, scales, etc… For an athlete, it may include stretches, breathing, and specific strength training exercises. If you are using PracticeMeter to improve your mindfulness, your Fundamentals may include specific meditation practice. Fundamentals may be archived for future use so that you are only repeating the items that you are currently focused on.

Goals are specific projects that you are currently working on. They include a progress bar so that you can self-assess how close you are to reaching your Goal. You will want to work on your Goals each day, seeing the progress toward completion gradually increase. Once you reach 100%, your Goal is cleared off of your daily routine and logged under Completed Goals.

The default practice time for each day is 120 minutes, but you can set your own practice time goal in settings.

As you practice each day, you’re rewarded with accomplishments. Accomplishments may include having a perfect week of practice, where you met your time goal and practiced all of your Fundamentals, and worked toward your Goals each day of the week. PracticeMeter will track your Streaks as well. Accomplishments are available for multiple perfect weeks of practicing your fundamentals and goals, as well as long-term Accomplishments for total practice time.

The Reports view logs your practice sessions, organized by day. You can keep notes about your practice sessions and share your statistics via text or email. Reports also provide a weekly view of your practice time. If you forgot to press ‘Start’ when beginning a practice session, you can add practice time to each day of the week. A single tap will add 15 minutes, while a long press on the day of the week will allow you to enter your total practice time for the day. Tap on the total time to toggle between minutes and hours.

In iOS 14, Apple introduced Home Screen Widgets. PracticeMeter Widgets are available in a variety of formats for seeing your ring progress throughout the day.

Apple Watch
PracticeMeter will sync with your Apple Watch. Use your watch to start practice sessions add or delete fundamentals and goals, set a new practice time goal, and view your accomplishments. To add new fundamentals and goals, long press on the fundamental or goals header.

Watch Complications include a simple circular view for keeping track of your daily practice time, as well as a larger rectangular view to see your daily progress of fundamentals, goals, and practice time.

I hope you enjoy using PracticeMeter.

Let’s get practicing!

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