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AI is now incorporated into MetaWeather. View intelligent weather forecasts for any location on Earth!

MetaWeather is built and designed for iOS 16. With a beautiful UI, closest integrated with WeatherKit-- the all-new Apple weather service-- MetaWeather is the latest-and-greatest weather app available.

The focus of MetaWeather is to provide you with a useful and quick forecast without all the nonsense:

- Current conditions
- App themes
- Hourly and daily outlooks
- Temperature, UVI, condition, wind, humidity
- Worldwide location search
- All common worldwide units
- Sunrise and sunset
- And so much more!

If you want to dive deeper into your forecast, MetaWeather Pro takes your experience a step further and unlocks all of the features on MetaWeather. This helps me continue to run and provide weather data on the app. Thanks for your support!

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