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Introducing Airports (formerly Preflight), the ultimate app for pilots, aviation enthusiasts and professionals. With over 8,500 large and medium airports worldwide, Airports provides you with all the essential information you need about airports in one place. Stunning 3D scenery makes it a joy to explore airports around the world, including their facilities and configurations. Airports-exclusive Tarmac Tour feature provides you with a truly immersive experience by taking you along on a tour of annotated airport facilities and equipment.

You can easily search for airports by city, name, ICAO/IATA identifiers, or alternatively, you can browse airports by continent, country, region and municipality. You can also save airports as favorites and set your home base for quicker access.

- Runway data, including dimensions
- Minimalistic runway charts for all major airports
- Terminal buildings and other facilities
- Aircraft stands, ATC frequencies, airport services
- Time zones and local times
- Field elevation and coordinates

- Worldwide airport weather coverage powered by Apple Weather
- Detailed current conditions, including wind gusts, visibility, humidity and pressure
- Hourly forecasts
- Adjustable measurement units

- Switch between standard and satellite modes
- Set up runway, terminal and aircraft stand markers
- Fine-tune camera angles and zoom levels

- Metric & non-metric unit systems are supported
- Built and optimized for iOS, iPadOS, macOS and tvOS
- Universal purchase: buy once for all of your devices
- Unlimited use: no ads or in-app purchases
- Built for privacy: the app does not collect any personal information

Some of these features may not be available for all airports. Map content and weather services require connection. Please note that most data is provided by third-party sources and services whose accuracy and availability cannot be guaranteed. We strongly recommend verifying information with official sources.

Think Airports is missing a feature?
Please let us know → airports@8aev.com

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