Notewrap - Writers Note Book

Notewrap - Writers Note Book

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Take notes on the go whenever imagination strikes, add them to a notebook and write a book, blog, essay, report or paper. Write in pieces, one scene, paragraph or chapter at a time and add them to a notebook and later rearrange & remix notes & photos so that e.g. scene 4 can become scene 1 or chapter 7 can become chapter 2. You can also add front matter such as title page, acknowledgement etc. and back matter such as end notes, photos etc. Once your draft is ready you can export your notebook to various formats such as pdf, rtf, plain text, markdown etc. An al fresco writer’s loose-leaf notebook that lets you write a book, blog, essay, report or paper on the go like never before.

It provides a simple and elegant text formatting interface with style, bullets & lists, indent, align and other functions neatly categorised as separate options in the toolbar. Writers who want to write a book can easily set to standard manuscript format with just a tap of a button. First line indent, line spacing, font size, etc. are all available at your fingertips.

Notewrap also provides 2 themes, a beautiful minimalist birch tree and an elegant colour palette theme that will inspire and motivate you to write. There are preconfigured options to set theme to default, soft, mild, etc. and you can also customise by configuring options such as blur, contrast, saturation, etc.

Write & Print text settings lets you write with a font size that you are comfortable with and later you can customise text settings such as font size, line spacing etc. while you export & print the notebook.

Other Main Features
• PDF printing of notes, photos & notebooks automatically prevents widow and orphan lines.
• Dilly dallying clock widget that lets you know the amount of time spent without writing a word.
• An elegant calendar view that lets you view notes & photos by days.
• PDF printing of notes, photos & notebooks in Standard Manuscript, MLA, APA & CMS format with options to change paper size, page margins, font size, line spacing, etc.
• A powerful search feature that lets you search notes, photos and notebooks and shows search results with highlighted text in the same view for easy navigation.
• Self-hosted WordPress users can post notes as blogs on to their sites.
• Automatic and Manual Sync that syncs notes, photos & notebooks to iCloud and across all your devices such as iPhone, iPad or Mac
• Sync shows you status of the downloads & uploads of number of notes, photos & notebooks to and from iCloud.
• Tag notes & photos as favourites and easily access them from Favourites view.

It also comes loaded with other amazing features such as current location, split view etc.

Whether you are a writer writing stories, poems or articles, blogger writing blog-posts, student writing essays, assignments or reports, researcher writing research papers or simply someone who is into journaling and maintains journals such as gratitude, food etc., with Notewrap you can easily create such writings as notebooks your way on the go as it provides a simple and elegant interface and lets you take notes a paragraph, scene or chapter at a time and gives you complete control in the way you want to create and style your writings.

A beautiful, powerful and elegant writing app like never before. Enjoy writing on the go!

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