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Secure your stronghold, prepare your army, and battle to victory in this fun, fast-paced real time strategy game from the makers of Bloons TD.

Whether playing as the fast, well-armored Humans or the fierce, heavy-hitting Orcs, each game plays differently as you choose how to manage your focus and your resources before launching the perfect attack to crush your opponent! Learn all aspects of the game by playing a range of AI styles and difficulties in fully offline Single Player mode, or jump right in and challenge your skills in to head-to-head Multiplayer mode, against friends or global players via Game Center.

Explore these awesome features:
* Head-to-head online and Bluetooth multiplayer
* Fully offline vs. AI single player mode with 4 difficulties and multiple AI play styles
* New ultra-challenging single player Survival Mode
* Innovative player-enhanced tactical play - select an area on the battlefield to harvest resources faster, heal your troops, or crush the enemy!
* 40 powerful troop types, including Beserkers, Marksmen, Knights, Warlocks, and Siege Trolls
* Three powerful stronghold upgrades, enabling advanced troops and better defenses
* 14 distinct battlefields, each with their own control points and resource limits
* 39 achievements to earn and show your skill
* Dynamic original music that reacts to the pitch of battle!
* Colorful visuals and playful animation appeal to the whole family

It's time to assemble your army, plan your strategy, and become a Red Reign champion!

Ninja Kiwi Notes:
* You must sign in to Game Center to access Multiplayer mode. Once signed in, you can play Nearby players offline. You must be online to play Multiplayer against any other players who are not Nearby.

* Please review our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, and note that Red Reign has a special Privacy notice as there is no Ninja Kiwi account sign in and no personally identifiable information ever shared with Ninja Kiwi through the game:

Ninja Kiwi Community:
* We love hearing from our players, so please get in touch with any feedback, positive or negative, at support@ninjakiwi.com. If it's stuff you want the whole community to see and talk about and you are old enough to have an account on these services, then join us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram:

Streamers and Video Creators:
* Ninja Kiwi does not pay influencers but we love working with and promoting YouTube and Twitch channel creators who genuinely enjoy playing our games. If you are old enough to have an account on these services and not already working with us, keep making videos and tell us about your channel at youtube@ninjakiwi.com.

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1.7.1 | OS ≥ 13.0

Cập nhật: 2023-08-12

Server1 Server2 Server3

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