Treasure Hunt By Photos

Treasure Hunt By Photos

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Prepare a photo treasure hunt for your family and friends to play.

Fun for kids any age and a perfect blend of technology, physical activity and team work.
Ideal for small children because you don’t need to know how to read to find the clues.

Easy to prepare: Just choose a place for each clue, take a picture or use one you already have. You can hide the clue number that appears on the screen for the player to find or you can use image matching.

Fun to play: The player(s) look at the clue picture, find the place and, depending on the clue, he/she either look for the clue number to enter on the screen or just point the camera to the clue location and try to match the clue image.

Easy to rearrange the clues. Just move the clues on your screen. The clue numbers you hid in each place remain the same.

To prepare a new game, just delete all or some of the clues and start over. You can keep up to three prepared games.

You can also share a game you prepared with your friends for them to play on their own devices.

The player can choose between four themes: the regular coins theme, an Easter eggs theme, a birthday party theme or a Halloween theme.

Reviewed and Recommended by Best Apps for Kids.

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4.6 | OS ≥ 16.0

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