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Test strip results made easy.
Scan, save, & track your results over time.

Test Strip Scanner makes it easy to read results from some of the most popular water test strips on the market.
No signing up for an account, no data being funneled into a large company, no annoying notifications, just a handy little utility for water analysis.

Test Strip Scanner lets you scan and save the readings of your strip by simply taking a photo. After that you can view & export charts of each chemical reading over your desired time frame.
Test Strip Scanner is great for those with poor eyesight, colorblindness, and low patience.

Test Strip Scanner supports the following strips:
- JNW Pool & Spa 7in1
- Easy Test 7in1
- Aquachek Select Connect
- HTH 6-way
- Baracuda 6in1

And more to come in the future!

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