MusicSmart - Liner Notes

MusicSmart - Liner Notes

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MusicSmart finds liner notes and credits for songs and artists. Gain insights into the creative process behind your favorite music, discover the writers, producers, engineers, and other collaborators involved in the production, and more.

MusicSmart aggregates music knowledge from various sources into a powerful and easy-to-use app. With features such as Smart Sections, you can gain a deeper understanding of the music creation process and each role and instrument used.

Search for a song or artist in the app to find liner notes and credits such as:
• Description: Information about the recording process, the backstory behind the song, artists, etc.
• Songwriting and Composition: Composer, Arranger, Producer, and more.
• Performance and Recording: Vocals, Performer, Programmer, Engineers, Editor, and more.
• Marketing and Distribution: A&R, Publishers, Distributors, and more.
• Business: Labels, Copyright, and more.
• Visuals: Director, Cinematographer, Designer, Visualizer, and more.
• Locations: Recorded At, Mixed At, Mastered At, and more.
• Instruments: Drums, Shakers, Strings, Guitars, Keyboards, and more.

Download MusicSmart today to unlock a wealth of knowledge about your favorite music, all in one convenient location!

Note: No Apple Music or Spotify subscription is required to use MusicSmart. MusicSmart relies on multiple online sources and databases to find liner notes and credits. The number of details available may vary for each song.

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